Lake District wedding yoga

Why pre wedding yoga?


The lead up to your wedding should be fun and memorable.   Relax and unwind. Free the mind and find your freedom to breathe. 

What is pre-wedding yoga


Pre-wedding yoga is your opportunity to find sanctuary before your big day. You have made time for everything and everyone else. 

Settle on your mat. Inhale, exhale. 

Pre wedding yoga takes place at your accomodation. It works best the night before, for a good nights sleep or on the morning, making it part of your preparations. 

What can I expect?


Yin yoga, a deep stretch into your connective tissue. Time spent in each pose to calm the breathe and release tension. 

Candles and relaxing music. Enjoy with  with loved ones or as a private session. 

Find your Perfect Plan

Locally based, we will work with you to find our perfect plan.

From just £65, get in touch to make your booking. One more job - ticked off your list.

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